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“I have had the opportunity to work with Brent on audio projects involving the recording and organization of hundreds of files - all of which required that consistent audio standards be met. He is a pleasure to work with - always professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our client's expectations are met. A real team player.”

Paul Gomirato RGD,
President and Creative Director
PG Advertising and Design Inc.
Job: Record audio tracks for french project


“For anyone looking to record or have demo work done please give Brent Wohlberg at Artifact Media a call. Brent is a consummate professional, he's got great ears and most importantly he is a great guy to work with. I just completed a demo with him last week and it sounds like a million bucks. Thanks Brent and great work :)”

Peter Learn
Job: Demo Recording


"We had Brent create several templates for our videos. He's creative and top notch, and his music production skills are excellent."

Rob Provencher
Westmount Photography & NOBS Photo Success

“First off, I love "Package of Love." Came across it as I was doing a music search for a quirky video I'm trying to put together for a client.
The client plans to submit this video for a quasi "film fest" at a packaging trade show, ergo the appropriateness of "Package of Love." This is by no means a selling tool. Just a fun statement saying, "Hey, we love being in the packaging business." My question is, can we get your permission to use "Package of Love?" It's going to give the band exposure in the U.S. In fact, I dug the sound and style so much I bought it right away on iTunes for my own personal listening, and plan to listen to your other cuts to see what else I want to buy. “

Job: Creating and selling a song for a Marketing Campaign

“Yeah! Hours and hours of old performances and video art projects digitized by SVTS and ready for editing. Now transferring 15 years of artwork slides and 200+ pages of tunnel dokumenta. Digital resurrection.”

Rick Neufeld
College Professor
Job: Video Transfers

“Brent was well prepared to video-tape our special event. He was easy to work with, flexible, and fun to be around, and is always enthusiastic and interested in your project.”

Carolyn Crang
School of Education, Laurentian University
Job: Video tape guest lecturer

“I really liked recording at your studio. You did a great job adding drums, bass and piano to my guitar and vocal tracks. My friends and family can’t believe how great it sounds. Keep up the good work!”

Gerry Sigouin
Job: Recording three demo songs

"My first ever recording experience was at Artifact Media with Brent Wohlberg producing and Engineering. I can say without a doubt that his skills and experience made the process very fun and simple. Brent is knowledgeable and really gets the most out of each and every song and the most out of the artist. I have returned to Artifact Media on a number of occasions to record new material. Every single time, I have been blown away with the quality and speed of the recording process. The rates are fantastic as well."

Chris Leblanc
Job: Recording Various Demos

“It has been a pleasure to work with this company over the last few years. I have found Brent to be an easy-going, very competent, individual who manages to quickly get people to relax and, in turn, provide us with quality video and photos. It is great to be able to hand the task over and know that it will be done to expectations. I look forward to working on many projects with this company.”

Sylvie Renault
Recruitment and Communications - University of Sudbury
Job: Videotaping and Photography for Awards Ceremony