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Sudbury's #1 spot to have your videos transferred and archived to digital formats!

Sudbury Video Transfer Services will transfers your old home movies, photos, slides to DVD, CD, Hard Drive, and USB Key

Digital formats include .mov, .jpg and .mp3. Video files are transferred with the .h264 codec, which are PC and Apple compatable.

For more information about what format would best suit your needs, please contact Brent Wohlberg


$25.00 for 1st hour of footage

.35 cents/minute each additional minute

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3" Reel: $25.00

5" Reel: $75.00

6" Reels: $100.00

7" Reels: $150.00


DVD $25.00 for 1st hour of footage

.35 cents/minute each additional minute
Cassette $25.00 for 1st hour of music
.35 cents/minute each additional minute
Editing/separating tracks 25.00/hr

$25.00 for 1 to 20 images

$2.00/image each after initial 20.

35mm Slides

$45.00 for 1 to 20 images

$3.00/image each after initial 20.


Top 10 Reasons to Transfer

1. Your vhs tapes are turning to dust

2. Your photo albums, slides, video tapes are sitting on the floor in your basement. Your brother from California came visiting and broke the toilet. The basement flooded.

3. Your house burns down. (Happened to my grandparents)

4. Your beautiful 2 year old learns what scissors can do.

5. That dog that you bought for your 2 year old learns how to chew stuff.

6. Your husband mistook the bin of photos and VHS tapes for garbage, and now they are being bulldozed at the landfill.

7. You wanted to show your child what your Grandma looked like, but you have discovered that your VHS Tapes have melted in your Attic

8. When you decided it was time to show your kids your wedding footage, your VCR ate it for dinner

9. You needed to prove to your kids that you were once young, but the pictures you thought you had were mistaken for garbage, and ... see #6

10. You want to preserve your memories for generations to come...