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Famous Last Words is a video documentry service for the masses. It is based on your life as you want to tell it, and the video can be passed on from generation to generation.

This unique sevice will enable you to talk about your life story, achivements, failures, life lessons, leave special messages to loved ones, explain your history, your geneology, talk about your special talents, and whatever else you might want to add. This is your story.

Famous Last Words is owned and operated by Brent Wohlberg, a lifelong greater sudbury resident. Brent owns and operates Artifact Media in Sudbury, Ontario and has over 20 years experience in the Video Business


Option 1: The (20) question List...
$250.00 - Taping (Based on 4hrs)
$50.00/hr - Editing

The videographer meets with the client at a suitable location, and has a list of interview questions, or talking points for the client. The interview questions, suppled by FLW can be used as is, or they can be added to, changed, and adapted to fit the clients individual direction or talking points

This option is great for clients that may need help to keep their stories on track. They can prepare and think about their answers prior to the shoot.


Option 2: From The Heart
$250.00 - Taping (Based on 4hrs)
$50.00/hr - Editing

The videographer meets with the client at a suitable location and the client just lets it all out!

This is a great option for those who are comfortable with being in front of a camera and public speaking.


Option 3: Your Documentary
$250.00 - Taping (Based on 4hrs)
$50.00/hr - Editing

You decide... maybe your whole family is interviewed seperately.., strange location, .., In a bar, in a car, in Italy.....?.


After The Interview:

Editing is key to making your documentary all that it can be. The addition of slides, photos and movie clips will certainly spice up a project. Why not show pictures of your grandparents, parents and children as you discuss them? As you talk about your first car, you can insert photos or videos of your pride and joy. When you talk about where you worked, you can display picture of these places. The more B-Roll (or extra images from your life) you have, the more interesting the documentary wil be from your viewers standpoint.